Drone Aerial Filming

Here at Aerial Photography Ireland our bread and butter is aerial filming. Flying a drone is easy, but flying a drone to its limits in the most physically demanding environments, while combining super silky camera movements is what it's all about, and that is exactly what we deliver to our clients on a daily basis.

We are one of very few original drone operators that have stayed active since the industry took off in 2012. Over that time we have worked and collaborated with some very credible clients and brands such as Facebook, Audi, VW, and Aldi to name a few, click here for our full client list . We understand the industry, time is money and money is time, that's why we will get that magical shot first time for you, and from there, we will work on perfecting it. Trust? We have been flown halfway across the world to get one shot, with only one attempt at it and we nailed it, that is the sort of trust our long list of clients have in us. You name it, we've done it, no matter how strange your vision may be, we will listen and do our utmost to help make it a reality. Choose wisely, choose API!

Whether it be based on land or sea, in winter or summer, at day or night, on high or low ground, we have done it all! We have an impressive CV having worked with a range of animals which include giraffes and buffalo. We have chased galloping racehorses and sprinting greyhounds. We are one of the very few drone operators that have worked within an active airport, on an active runway, tracking a moving jet airplane. We have also flown in close proximity around a hot air balloon.  We have flown in the tightest of environments with no room for error, from caves to forests to multiple cramped indoor facilities including cinemas, St Stephen's Green shopping centre, to inside the Guinness Storehouse. 


Safety, this is the key factor to our longevity and one we take very seriously. We know the rules, we know the risks! Before the API team arrives on site, we will conduct a very detailed risk assessment to ensure the area of operation is suitable and safe. Along with that, we will look after all airspace permissions and method statements. To date, we have yet to have an accident and we plan on keeping it that way!