Using the worlds leading gyroscopic gimbal, our UAV’s can carry a industry standard camera capable of shooting from Full 1080 HD up to 4K UHD with a range of FPS options. With this we can create stunning cinematic style aerial shots that are fully stabilized with full 360-degree movement that is controlled on a separate transmitter by our gimbal operator.

Whether it is film, commercial or any events such as mountain biking
motor-cross, snowboard, surfing, or running based events, we can fly our rig up to 400ft or if you prefer alongside competitors giving the viewer a unique vantage point.




Here at API we believe you get what you pay for, that means using the worlds leading drones with the smoothest gyroscopic gimbals is paramount. Our drones consist of a DJI S900 & DJI Inspire PRO equipped with the renowned Z15 brushless Zenmuse Z15 gimbal along with a smaller DJI Phantom for those hard to reach places. The camera onboard is the spectacular Panasonic Lumix GH4, a camera capable of capturing footage up to 4K UHD while recording at a bit rate of 200Mbs.

The S900 Evo is packed with the latest technology for fully stabilised flights while reaching speeds up to 60mph. On board is the latest A2 flight controller that is constantly at work maintaining optimal flight performance. Creating the vision originally thought up by a potential client is our main objective, so here at API we give clients an option to view the live feed allowing them to have as much input as possible.

To do this we have two monitors one for the Pilot and one for the Gimbal Operator, as long as it’s safe to do so, the client can stand beside the Gimbal Operator to voice any additional information to help replicate their original vision.

What We Offer

  • We are Fully Licensed by the I.A.A and have Full Public Liability Insurance up to €6.5 Million.
  • Our Pilot has OVER 12 years flying experience along with a team that has great knowledge in Filming & Photography.
  • We use state of the art Equipment – Our S900 is equipped with the latest A2 Flight Controller and a “brushless” Z15 Zenmuse Gimbal along with the latest Inspire PRO range.
  • We have x 20 Giant Power LiPo batteries that allows us to have a continuous cycle for full day shoots.
  • We have a smaller UAV for those hard to reach places.
  • We provide FULL production services for clients looking for projects both filmed & edited.
  • We provide FREE editing on all Photography packages.
  • We offer all clients the option to manually control the “Gimbal” to save on costs. However we would recommend they use our experienced gimbal operator unless they have previously operated similar equipment.
  • Last but not least we are professional and passionate at what we do and treat our customers with the highest standards.

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