Aerial Photography Ireland are an aerial production business who fly remote control camera systems otherwise know as RPAS to capture unique Aerial filming and Aerial photography points of view.
Yes, we are Sky-Tec qualified and hold an aerial works permissions granted by the I.A.A.
Yes, Aerial Photography Ireland is fully insured and we also have full public liability insurance covering up to €6.5 million.
Yes, all our photography packages come with free editing with filming packages starting from €150. We can supply clients with simple storyboards, adding transitions and effects, right up full productions with colour grading.
Unfortunately due to all electronics being exposed on the UAV we cannot fly in the rain! Strong winds can also cause issues, however, we use the world’s smoothest camera gimbal which will secure very sturdy shots.
Firstly, the real benefit for using UAV/Drone services is that the cost is dramatically reduced while keeping with the high standards of fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters. Another great reason why to use drones over manned aircrafts is not only can the UAV fly as high as a manned aircraft, but they can also get closer to reveal the finer details where as a aircraft has a 500ft limit. This can benefit all sorts of sectors especially real estate agents looking to reveal beautiful gardens that wouldn’t be seen from a manned aircraft.
Our drones can fly for approximately 8-10 minutes on a single battery, this may seem short but between having x20 batteries with on site charging available, we can stay airborne for a full day.
Due to the regulations placed upon unmanned aerial systems by the IAA, we are only permitted to fly up to 400ft. We can also fly out to 500m from base giving plenty of movement to reveal large areas. The drones are also capable of reaching speeds up too 60mph.

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