Leinster House – Aerial Filming

It’s been a very busy February for the team at API, last week alone we carried out 4 aerial shoots in 4 days. These consisted of a marathon at night, a jetpack man…..yes they actually exist, a waterfall and to top it off a very well know government building…Leinster House. Attached below are some snaps…

drone aerial filming

Aerial Filming

aerial filming

Our Two Drones At Leinster House

Aerial Filming

The Jet Pack

Aerial filming with drones


Our Latest Aerial Video…

Following on from an ongoing partnership with Blarney Castle, we recently shot and edited a new Autumn reel showcasing the ever changing gardens and colours of the surrounding grounds and the castle itself like never seen before….

Filming for Audi

We love clever ideas. Have a look at a recent quick promo we shot for Audi Ireland.

To celebrate their inaugural visit Audi Ireland teamed up with Carlow farmer and former National Ploughing Championship host George Byrne to re-create the Audi logo.

Audi Ireland create 110 metre logo in Carlow crop field to announce their inaugural visit to the National Ploughing Championships.

Audi Ireland will showcase their Q SUV family (Q3, Q5 and all-new Q7 models) equipped with the legendary quattro all-wheel drive technology at the 84th National Ploughing Championships in Co. Laois this week.

The Power Of Two: Why API are among the best Drone Operators in Ireland

The Power Of Two: Why API are among the best Drone Operators in Ireland

Many clients and inquisitive members of the public sometimes ask: ‘Why have two people operate the drone, when one can buy a drone from the internet and operate it solely using their mobile phone?’

For those of us who are privy to watching countless drone videos online and in the media, it becomes very apparent that two is better than one.

Thats exactly what Aerial Photography Ireland excel at: Teamwork.

A flight generally consists of 10 minutes of flying time, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on a variety of factors (wind, battery usage and the ability to return the drone from a safe distance). There’s multiple things to consider before the drone takes to the skies, and its certainly not as easy as it looks!

Operating the likes of DJI’s phantom series is relatively easy, which is why the mass appeal of drones has skyrocketed in the last 3 years. You’ll be surprised with how easy a takeoff and landing can be after simply reading a manual and watching some homemade YouTube videos. However, operating drones commercially, both safely and efficiently and getting that all so incredible footage while tracking vehicles, people and objects is a whole other story!

Before any shoot takes place we must first conduct an assessment of what is required for your surveying, photography or filming needs. This means we need to know the exact co-ordinates of where the shoot is due to take place, and ensure permission can be granted from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). Are you near a public road, airport, built up area, pylons, etc? What height restrictions might be in place?

Once permission has been granted we then begin assessing the weather forecasts and liaising with Air Traffic Control (if filming within restricted airspace) and thats before even arriving on location!

Once we arrive to location and understand our flight path we then conduct one final safety recce of the area ensuring theres no danger or threat for flying. Its now up to the API team to both co-ordinate the flying of the drone, whilst also operating the gimbal system which allows us to record picture and navigate the area / object / person.

Thats what makes the difference: knowing we have the utmost safety and preparation work completed, teamwork with experts in both flying (12+ years) and filming (7+ years), and professional quality assurance.

Aerial Photography Ireland are Fully Licensed by the IAA and have Full Public Liability Insurance up to €6.5 Million. Safety is our main priority whilst working with remote control systems, especially when working around people, animals and property.

More Aerial Filming in Adare Manor

Aerial Filming Weddings | Good things come to those who wait, in our case…blue skies! Another stunning location done and dusted, onto the next! @theadaremanor‪#‎wedding‬ ‪#‎api‬ ‪#‎aerialphotographyireland‬ ‪#‎aerialfilming‬ ‪#‎drone‬‪#‎droneservices‬ ‪#‎gh4‬ ‪#‎S900‬

Aerial Filming Adare Manor

Aerial Filming in Dubai!

Aerial Photography Ireland are just back from a unforgettable trip. The Drone guys were out and about again this week, this time filming overseas in stunning Dubai. We have to be tight lipped on the details of the shoot, so we can’t say too much. Glorious weather, big clients and amazing locations.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the finished piece on the big screen.

A huge thanks to Epic Films!


API in Dubai

Glorious Sunshine

Another beautiful day for flying, today’s shots involved some low level flying over trees creating stunning footage. Keep an eye out for the finished product…

Low level aerial filming using our s800 evo drone.

Creating Unique Vantage Points

Here’s an image from today’s shoot with the 115th Ballinteer Scouts, surprising the kids stayed still although some of the younger ones got itchy feet.


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