What an amazing year it has been for the team at API. Following on from what was a very busy and exciting 2015, 2016 did not disappoint. In total the team completed 112 aerial shoots over 15 counties in Ireland, along with an unforgettable trip to the fabulous Dubai. On January the 6th we kick started 2017 with a construction shoot which was within the R15 airspace making it a busy start communicating with ATC every 15 minutes, enjoyable none the less! As we speak our 2017 showreel is underway, but before you get a glimpse of it here is a snap highlighting some of those great memories from 2016…

2016 Shoots API

Autumn Colours

First post in quite some time…

From sunrise to sunset, this one of kind location keeps on giving. These beautiful Autumn colours are on show at the magnificent Powerscourt Hotel. Our job was to capture the hotel in all it’s beauty, with it’s picturesque back drop, rolling hills and flawless landscaped gardens. If this picture is anything to go by…wait and till you see the video! Keep an eye out for it on Powerscourt Hotel’s website and social media sites.



What seemed like a one off trip last year in Dubai, has now turned into a yearly thing for the team at API. With the help from @epicfilmsdubai we were flown over to that fascinating country once again. This time round the scenery got even better, we were lucky enough to receive approval to operate around the one and only Burj Khalifa. The building is really a sight to behold, the sheer size of the building makes it almost impossible to capture it in one. However the Burj Khalifa wasn’t the main highlight of the shoot, it was to capture footage of two of the worlds best squash players while they battle it out at a specially made squash court situated at the edge of the Dubai Fountains. All in all it made for an extremely enjoyable day and one we will never forget, Dubai really is in a world of it’s own.

Aerial Filming  - API

Leinster House – Aerial Filming

It’s been a very busy February for the team at API, last week alone we carried out 4 aerial shoots in 4 days. These consisted of a marathon at night, a jetpack man…..yes they actually exist, a waterfall and to top it off a very well know government building…Leinster House. Attached below are some snaps…

drone aerial filming

Aerial Filming

aerial filming

Our Two Drones At Leinster House

Aerial Filming

The Jet Pack

Aerial filming with drones


Showreel 2016

Aerial Photography Ireland – Drone Showreel 2016

2015 was a very successful and memorable year for API with some unforgettable trips. The team at API would like to thank everyone for all their support over the past year and wish you all the best for 2016. Attached below is our new showreel for 2016 recapping on some of the best moments, we hope you all enjoy, Happy New Year!

Real Estate Filming – Aerial Photography Ireland

Real Estate Filming – Aerial Photography Ireland

If you ever wanted to get drone footage of your property up for sale here’s how to do it right!!! Take a look at some recent Aerial work we did back a few months ago…

Working with the guys in Mashup Media

Amazing Drone Footage of Ireland’s First Rollercoaster

Check out our recent 4K footage from Tayto Park’s huge wooden rollercoaster. The Cú Chulainn Coaster, which reaches speeds of 100 km/h, features an inversion and a stomach-churning drop of 31 meters, and is the biggest of its kind in Europe. The ride is out of this world, and the drone footage ain’t too bad either…

Possibly Our Best Aerial Footage Around Ireland

Winner Winner.  Aerial Photography Ireland are out and about again. This week we were completely blown away by some of the fantastic footage we recently shot, whilst filming along the West coast of Galway, with Inishboffin and Inishshark. With a combination of the rugged landscape, the clearest turquoise blue waters, the friendliest crew and (surprise surprise) beautiful sunshine, it was a dream shoot!

We can’t WAIT to share some of the amazing footage in the upcoming months, but for now heres a lovely picture of herself against the stunning backdrop of Inishboffin

Happy Flying…

Drones At Weddings

Here’s a recent shot from the stunning Adare Manor, located in Limerick. Adare Manor is renowned as one of the top Luxury Hotels in Ireland, is steeped in history and surrounded by medieval ruins. Hence, the perfect setting for a lavish wedding and out-of-this-world Drone footage. API were there not too long ago to capture this fairytale wedding!

If you have an upcoming wedding and wish to get API to film / photo on the day, get in touch via our contact page.

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