The Power Of Two: Why API are among the best Drone Operators in Ireland

The Power Of Two: Why API are among the best Drone Operators in Ireland

Many clients and inquisitive members of the public sometimes ask: ‘Why have two people operate the drone, when one can buy a drone from the internet and operate it solely using their mobile phone?’

For those of us who are privy to watching countless drone videos online and in the media, it becomes very apparent that two is better than one.

Thats exactly what Aerial Photography Ireland excel at: Teamwork.

A flight generally consists of 10 minutes of flying time, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on a variety of factors (wind, battery usage and the ability to return the drone from a safe distance). There’s multiple things to consider before the drone takes to the skies, and its certainly not as easy as it looks!

Operating the likes of DJI’s phantom series is relatively easy, which is why the mass appeal of drones has skyrocketed in the last 3 years. You’ll be surprised with how easy a takeoff and landing can be after simply reading a manual and watching some homemade YouTube videos. However, operating drones commercially, both safely and efficiently and getting that all so incredible footage while tracking vehicles, people and objects is a whole other story!

Before any shoot takes place we must first conduct an assessment of what is required for your surveying, photography or filming needs. This means we need to know the exact co-ordinates of where the shoot is due to take place, and ensure permission can be granted from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). Are you near a public road, airport, built up area, pylons, etc? What height restrictions might be in place?

Once permission has been granted we then begin assessing the weather forecasts and liaising with Air Traffic Control (if filming within restricted airspace) and thats before even arriving on location!

Once we arrive to location and understand our flight path we then conduct one final safety recce of the area ensuring theres no danger or threat for flying. Its now up to the API team to both co-ordinate the flying of the drone, whilst also operating the gimbal system which allows us to record picture and navigate the area / object / person.

Thats what makes the difference: knowing we have the utmost safety and preparation work completed, teamwork with experts in both flying (12+ years) and filming (7+ years), and professional quality assurance.

Aerial Photography Ireland are Fully Licensed by the IAA and have Full Public Liability Insurance up to €6.5 Million. Safety is our main priority whilst working with remote control systems, especially when working around people, animals and property.

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