Amazing Drone Footage of Ireland’s First Rollercoaster

Check out our recent 4K footage from Tayto Park’s huge wooden rollercoaster. The Cú Chulainn Coaster, which reaches speeds of 100 km/h, features an inversion and a stomach-churning drop of 31 meters, and is the biggest of its kind in Europe. The ride is out of this world, and the drone footage ain’t too bad either…

Possibly Our Best Aerial Footage Around Ireland

Winner Winner.  Aerial Photography Ireland are out and about again. This week we were completely blown away by some of the fantastic footage we recently shot, whilst filming along the West coast of Galway, with Inishboffin and Inishshark. With a combination of the rugged landscape, the clearest turquoise blue waters, the friendliest crew and (surprise surprise) beautiful sunshine, it was a dream shoot!

We can’t WAIT to share some of the amazing footage in the upcoming months, but for now heres a lovely picture of herself against the stunning backdrop of Inishboffin

Happy Flying…

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