Our Aerial Footage of Forbidden Fruits Festival

Yesterday we shot a promo video for the great team at Forbidden Fruits Festival, Dublin’s biggest dance music festival that takes place right in the heart of Dublin city centre. Aerial Photography Ireland were there to capture all their hard-work in what promises to be an exciting and jam packed event.

You can check out the video soon but here’s just a still from our work…

Aerial Archeology Footage with API


With the benefit, safety and ease of using drones for excavation work and research, Aerial Photography Ireland are now doing more and more site plans and Archeology work on a regular basis. Here’s a shot of one of our drones up in the air during the week on a recent project in Dublin.

Awesome Aerial Shots of Dublin


A shot from yesterday morning as the Royal Princess cruised into Dublin port. Aerial Photography Ireland were there to capture the enormity and beauty of its arrival over the weekend. Hailed as the Most Popular Cruise ship around, the Royal Princess is the world’s 10th Largest Passenger Ship so far, and holds an impressive 3,600 passengers. Swimming pools, outdoor cinemas and plenty of entertainment to keep you entertained out at sea.

Here’s a shot of the massive ship with the skyline of Dublin city in the background. Filmed in 4k, with our ever trusty s900 evo and Lumix GH4 team.

We are just as excited for the next few arrivals in the upcoming weeks.

Lovely Wicklow from our Drones!

Ok, so we’ve been pretty busy at API, so we’ve a backlog of shots and footage that we’ve yet to release on the blog. Here’s a shot from an aerial shoot back earlier in the year in Glendalough, Wicklow.

The weather was dramatically better back in early January than the recent stint we’ve been having the past few weeks. Lets hope brighter skies are on the way for this supposed “hottest ever summer” we’ve been promised. Ahem Ahem!!


Our Stunning Aerial Photos of Castles around Ireland

Aerial Photography Ireland were out and about again today, shooting more scenic shots of Castles in County Cork, with the setting summer sun and thankfully a break in the bad weather we’ve been having. This shot was taken with our s900evo.



More Aerial Filming in Adare Manor

Aerial Filming Weddings | Good things come to those who wait, in our case…blue skies! Another stunning location done and dusted, onto the next! @theadaremanor‪#‎wedding‬ ‪#‎api‬ ‪#‎aerialphotographyireland‬ ‪#‎aerialfilming‬ ‪#‎drone‬‪#‎droneservices‬ ‪#‎gh4‬ ‪#‎S900‬

Aerial Filming Adare Manor

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